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Glasgow Gamers Group meets every Tuesday at Woodside Hall in Glasgow. There are a wide variety of miniatures wargames, board games and RPGs played weekly, by a wide variety of people. The club can provide tables, boards and scenery for most scales, and nightly fees are £2.00 for members or £3.00 for non-members.  We have the hall booked between 5:15 and 10:15.

Membership costs £5.00 for one year, and as well as discounted club fees you will get a 10% discount in the Comics, Trading Cards & Collectables stall in the Forge Market in Parkhead,  Static Games in the Trongate, Scott’s Models on Saltmarket and Spellbound Games in the southside of Glasgow.

Our address on a Tuesday is:

Woodside Hall
36 Glenfarg Street
G20 7QE

You can get in touch via email at or just drop in of a Tuesday, we are a generally friendly bunch.

A return to Tank Aces!

G3 launches back into Tank Aces



Tank Aces again?

 That’s right, we at G3 will be running Tank Aces again, due to the influx of newer players and the smashing success of the last time it was run about three years ago. Cromwells. Tigers. Shermans and the like all clashed over one summer, which culminated in a massed tank battle at the end.

 Sadly, I don’t seem to have any pictures from the original Tank Aces campaign left, so I have no lovely images to share of it.

 Why are you writing this now?

 Why write this now instead of when we launch? Simple; the last time we played people took very strange and interesting lists, which though seemed like a laugh, turned the game into an unfun slog. So this time I will be introducing this campaign with a run down on the various Armoured Fighting Vehicles that prospective players might wish to use throughout the campaign.

 To start with it only makes sense to cover the Main Battle Tanks of each of the four primary nations; Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Soviet Union. Each nation has at least two tanks associated with it, and we’ll take a look at their strengths and weaknesses.

 Note: The opinions expressed below are my own and may not be reflective of the more common line of thinking.




Panzer IV Ausf. H & J

 The Panzer IV holds the distinctive honour of being the tank which served the entire war. Armed with the effective 75mm cannon, the Panzer IV easily goes toe to toe with any other medium tank of the war.

 With a front armour of 6 and ‘Protected Ammo’, the Panzer IV has good survivability in a long range fire fight with other tanks in it’s weight class. Mounting the Anti-Tank 11 gun means it has a slight edge over it’s peers such as Shermans, Cromwells and T-34 obr. 42.

A tip for saving points it to downgrade (yes, it is a downgrade) to the Panzer IV J. With the addition of ‘Slow Traverse’, you save a whack of points for a rule which only comes into effect sometimes, so point for point the J seems like a better investment for Tank Aces.

StuG IV/G or StuH 42

 The StuG is a very effective Assault Gun, and usually the more commonly used support tank for German armies beyond the Panzer IV due to the increased front armour in exchange for not having a turret.

 StuGs tend to be equal points to the Panzer IV H, as the increase in front armour is equal to losing the turret. With the same ‘Protected Ammo’, armament and being German, the StuG is a very common and popular choice for German armies.

The StuH 42(Sturmhaubitze) is identical to the StuG in terms of armour and protected ammo, but the armament change offers up a few more interesting choices;

 The gun loses a point of Anti-tank in exchange for improved firepower, meaning any tank unlucky enough to be penetrated will most likely be knocked out by the 10.5cm Howitzer the assault gun mounts. The other interesting point to note is the ability to fire smoke; meaning that the StuH can force other tanks to move to get shots off, giving it’s comrades cover.

United Kingdom

Cromwell IV


 At one point the fastest tank of the war; the Cromwell IV gives the British armoured columns some much needed speed and mobility to get round onto the softer sides of the fearsome German assault guns and heavy tanks.

 The Cromwell has a similar armour profile to the Panzer IV, with slightly improved side armour, and retaining ‘Protected Ammo’. The advantages to the Cromwell is the mobility of ‘Light Tank’ allowing it to travel cross-country at 16″, rather than the usual 12″. And with ‘Semi-indirect Fire’, should the Cromwell wish to engage at range, it re-rolls misses at targets more than 16″ away, allowing it to suppress those sneaky Panzers. The downside, much like any Western Ally tank, is it’s armament; the 75mm gun is slightly weaker than the Panzers, with only Anti-tank 10, at range this gun will struggle to trouble Panzers and StuGs will probably face it down without fear.

Sherman Firefly VC

 The heavy hitter of the British Army for the latter half of the war. The Firefly was rightly feared by German tankers, as a shot from it’s powerful 17pdr gun could pierce through even the thick front armour of a Tiger or Panther.

 Though it lacks the speed of the Cromwell, the 17-pdr gun is what gives this tank the edge over it’s opponents. The statline featured above is for the early model Firefly, but later on it gets a boost to AT 15 as the Firefly gets armed with APDS shells, combine this with the ever useful ‘Semi-indirect Fire’, and the Firefly makes for a perfect covering tank. The standard armour of ’6′ on the front leaves the Firefly open to fire from most any tank on the axis side, so keeping this tank hidden in cover is a must.


Tomorrow; United States and Soviet Union tanks!






Infinity Escalation League at G3

Over the last month, we’ve started an Infinity Escalation League. In June, we started with 120 points (roughly the cost of a starter set), and now in July we’re moving up to 150. In August, it’ll go up to 200, then 250 in September and 300 in October. There are discussions ongoing about a big finale event in November, so watch this space!

If you want to take part, come along on Tuesday nights, or introduce yourself on our Facebook group. In the meantime, here’s a few photos from our most recent session as a teaser.


The rules for the game are free, and can be found here.

Game 1: Haqqislam vs Haqqislam in the suburbs.




Game 2: Yu Jing vs ALEPH in jungle ruins


Game 3: Haqqislam vs ALEPH




Game 4: Haqqislam vs Yu Jing




G3 Midsummer Shindig

On the Saturday of the 27th of July, Glasgow Games Group held it’s first Midsummer Shindig. While for 3 years now, the club has had a gaming day in November, this was the first to be held in the summer months, instead of the depths of winter.

So from 10am in the morning till 8pm at night, the main hall in our venue rang out to the sound of gaming of all types. Dice were rolled, enemies vanquished, and daring plans enacted, some of which were successful.

During the day, various games were played. We had role-players, board gamers and tabletop gamers. I know one group tried to get through as much of the boardgame Temple of Elemental Evil as they could, while one group, using the Killteam rules from GW attempted to hold back the hordes of the unliving, this time cooperating rather than trying to kill each other (most of the time).

The hordes advance

The hordes advance


The unliving close in on those left

The unliving close in on those left

The brave defenders are slowly taken down.

The brave defenders are slowly taken down.

While those brave defenders made their stand against the unliving hordes, at the other side of the hall, a 40k game of a different scale all together was being played. Several players had grouped together to play a large game, involving a myriad of troops and war machines, with the Ultramarines and Flesh Tearers laying siege to the Astral Claws who stood defiant behind their fortifications.

The attackers look upon the fortifications and troops opposing them

The attackers look upon the fortifications and troops opposing them

The first line of defences are breached

The first line of defences are breached

As a Thunderhawk Gunship swoops overhead, there is no escape for the Tyrant of Badab.

As a Thunderhawk Gunship swoops overhead, there is no escape for the Tyrant of Badab.

Slowly but surely, the attackers ground on, though casualties were high. Some much needed airpower and Terminator support arrived in time to aid the attackers, and eventually the Tyrant of Badab was brought low, though upon inspecting the battlefield his body was not to be found. Once again he escaped the might of the Imperium, and will no doubt return to bring ruin.

These were just a few of the games going on during the day, and by holding this we managed to do something a bit more important. During the day money for tea/coffee/soft drinks was collected, along with regular donations, and adding that to the pot that had been gathering since the the November games day in 2014, and since then we’ve raised £495 for McMillan Cancer charity.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that’s a great total, and we look forward to raising more as the year goes on, and with the November Games day now confirmed for the 28th of November, we hope to see all of you there, so that more adventures and battles can be played out, and we can continue to raise money towards a good cause.

G3 at Skelp 2014

Three club members – Dougal Cochrane, Craig Thompson and William Park – made the journey to deepest, darkest Angus to put on participation games of Warzone Resurrection at Skelp 2014. This show is run by Angus Wargames Club and this year as the third time G3 had put on a game. Thanks to their efforts, they were Highly Commended in the Best Participation Game category! If you missed out, the guys will be back in Angus next month at Targe, the final outing for 2014, or you can come along to the club to ask them about the game.





Skelp_2014 _5_commended

Gaming for charity

In the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of November, Common Ground Games in Stirling will be hosting a 24 hour charity gaming marathon to raise money for the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland. Andrew Bussey, Gary Lambie and I will be going to take part. Anyone else is welcome to sign up (on the event’s Facebook page) or to sponsor any one of us. A donation page has been set up, or you can give any one of the three of us money directly.

Common_Ground_Games   CHAS logo





Dig deep, folks. Remember, it’s for charidee!

Smashie and Nicey


New scenery for G3

The club has recently acquired some of 4Ground‘s rather lovely MDF 28mm Dead Man’s Hand wild west buildings. Thanks to club member Ian Morton for volunteering to assemble them. You can see some shots of them in action (in a game of Pulp Alley) below:

wild_west_5 wild_west_4 wild_west_3 wild_west_2 wild_west_1

As well as wild west games, these would also be suitable for Malifaux, Warmachine or perhaps post-apocalyptic gaming. The collection includes a saloon, a bank and the Sherrif’s office. They have removable rooves, interior details and special features like working gallows trapdoors and removable windows in the jailhouse.

These have already got me looking again at my Black Scorpion cowboy minis …


Thank you to George Chambers for the photos.

The 2nd Annual Spencer Warner Memorial Gaming Day November 30th

G3 is holding the Second Annual Spencer Warner Memorial Gaming Day on November 30th, and all members are invited.

We have the usual hall booked for the full day, so please feel free to use the facilities, get a few games in, have a laugh and generally celebrate the life of Spence in the way he would want us to.

Spencer Warner (Spence) was the heart and soul of G3, and we still miss him.   He was one of the founding members and is largely responsible for most of us knowing each other and indeed becoming friends over the years.   He is forever in our hearts.

Entry will be £5.00 for members, £7.00 for non-members.

More details here :

G3 at Claymore – Round 3!

On Saturday the 1st of August, Xtreme-G 3000 Racing was run for the third time this year at the Claymore show in Edinburgh. The first East Coast appearance marked a change in the rules; from now on, track marshals would no longer clear debris from the track, providing an increasing number of obstacles for the racers as the day progressed.

This time round, we only managed three races, although each of those was just as hard-fought as in earlier rounds:

Standings – Round 3: Claymore

Race 1:
  1. Baron von Schnell
  2. Princess Barbara
  3. La Femme Fatale en Bleu
Race 2:
  1. Baron von Schnell
  2. Edward Dredd
  3. Princess Barbara
Race 3:
  1. Edward Dredd
  2. The Yellow Hornet
  3. Baron von Schnell

Championship Standings

(in order of 1st places, 2nd places and 3rd places achieved):

  1. Hornet logoThe Yellow Hornet (4,4,0)
  2. Baron logoBaron von Schnell (4,2,2)
  3. Dredd logoEdward Dredd (2,2,2)
  4. princess logoPrincess Barbara (2,1,5)
  5. Femme logoLa Femme Fatale en Bleu (1,4,4)

Join us on October the 19th at Skelp in Forfar!