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Glasgow Games Gathering 2019

After a five-year gap, Glasgow Games Group are proud to announce a new games show in Glasgow! The Glasgow Games Gathering will be held at the Bellahouston Sports Centre on Saturday the 29th of June. We hope to showcase miniatures games, board games and more. We have a variety of traders lined up, with more to be confirmed.

See our show page for more details or email us at

G3 at Carronade 2017

G3’s first appearance on the Scottish show circuit this year was Carronade in Falkirk, as usual. Many thanks to the  Falkirk District Wargames Club for hosting the show and inviting us.

I didn’t get many photos, due to spending all day running Dropzone Commander demos, but here’s one of Gordon running a game of Relic Knights, and one of the Dropzone table:

More photos are available at FDWC’s Carronade 2017 image archive and there’s a video, too. Blink and you’ll miss seeing half the G3 banner at 0:05, George running Devil’s Run for Common Ground Games at 0:11 and a shot of Hawk Wargames’ Dropzone Commander diorama at 1:25.

Next up, Claymore in Edinburgh.


G3 at Salute 2017

Usually, “G3 at Salute” means Andy Bussey and I have worn our G3 t-shirts at the show. This year, however, Two upstanding gents were actually running a participation game!

Mike and George were running games of Devil’s Run from Word Forge Games:

(although it appears Mike had run away when I took this photo!)

In my wanderings, I did manage to grab a few more photos:

4Ground had a few tables showing off their various ranges Here are two of them:

Bexley Reapers Wargames Club had an impressive-looking game involving escaped dinosaurs. Now, where have I seen something like that before …

I forgot to find out who was running this, but this table for Wings of Glory WW1 caught my eye:

Warploque had a couple of dragons that rather stand out from the crowd:

This game featured miniatures from Micro Art Studio, and was using the Formula D(iscworld?) rules:

The Random Platypus Forum had their own take on sci-fi “dungeonbashing”, featuring miniatures from Hasslefree:

Oathsworn MIniatures have a range of assorted animals in various adventuring styles, including a couple of hedgehogs:

They’re also going to be releasing some interesting-looking alien types:

The Drowned Earth is a new game (currently on Kickstarter) with a very impressive-looking post-civilisation setting:

Dark Sphere had a very impressive X-Wing game depicting the battle of Scarif:

There was a 17th-century battle between Swedes and Dutch in Delaware (details here):

Crooked Dice had a couple of impressive 7TV demo tables:

As usual, there were a couple of cosplayers in attendance (although the chap on the left in the first picture here may prefer “re-enactor”):


And, as is traditional, a photo of my loot:

Spencer Warner Memorial Game Day 2016


The fifth annual G3 Gaming Day in memory of Spencer, who passed away in 2012, was held yesterday. As well as hosting dozens of gamers and plenty of games, we raised £295 for MacMillan Cancer Support. One of our members, selling miniatures and books that belonged to another late friend, raised an additional £202. Well done, everyone!






There was a D&D session that lasted all day, games of Flames of War, Dropzone Commander, Heavy Gear, Malifaux, Warmachine, X-Wing, a game pitting the French Foreign Legion against Arabs and board games including the brand new edition of Blood Bowl,  Specter Ops, Camel Up, Pandemic Legacy, among others.

Targe 2016

Yesterday, G3 were at the last wargames show of the Scottish calendar; Targe, hosted by Kirriemuir Wargames Club. We were running participation games of Dropzone Commander and, for the first time, Dropfleet Commander by Hawk Wargames. In the other hall, our local Battlefront Ranger and club secretary Mark was running intro games of Team Yankee and Tanks.

The G3 Dropfleet and Dropzone tables:









Tanks and Team Yankee:




And some other photos from the day gathered by our roving reporter. Firstly, some of the other participation games available:

East Neuk Irregulars won the prize for Best Participation Game with their “Indonesia 1962-66 – Britain’s Secret War” game:

East Neuk Irregulars Indonesia 1966

The “Wargames Society of Contemptible B******s” ran a 28mm “Lords of the Isles” participation game :


Angus Wargames Club had a Darkest Africa participation game using the Congo rules:


And a selection of the demonstration games on display:

Glasgow Warhogs had a 28mm Omaha Beach demonstration game:




This table won the Targe shield.


The Dunfermline Wargames Club put on demonstration games of Command and Colours Ancients and Napoleonics using miniatures and Hexon tiles from Kallistra Ltd.:



Old Meldrum Wargames Group had a Seven Years’ War demonstration game using the Honours of War rules from Osprey:

Old Meldrum Wargames Group 7 Years' War

The Iron Brigade had an English Civil War demonstration game:

The Iron Brigade English Civil War

The Iron Brigade English Civil War

The Iron Brigade English Civil War

The Iron Brigade English Civil War

The Iron Brigade English Civil War

Gourock Wargames Association laid on a 15mm World War 2 demonstration game:

Gourock Wargames Association 15mm World War 2

Gourock Wargames Association 15mm World War 2

Falkirk District Wargames Club had a Lord of the Rings demonstration game:

Falkirk and District Wargames Club Lord of the Rings


These are a few of the other games on show, for which I have no details. If you now who was running these games, leave a comment please.
Napoleonic naval game

28mm fantasy game

28mm Middle East wargame

28mm Middle East wargame

28mm Middle East wargame

28mm Middle East wargame

And for those of you who made it this far, the G3 demo crew:

Andrew Paul and Andrew Bussey:

Glasgow Games Group

and Gordon next to the statue of local rock legend, Bon Scott:

Bon Scott statue


Thanks to Kirriemuir Wargames Club for hosting the show and to Gordon for taking the photos. If any are wrongly attributed, please let us know.