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Posts and pages about official club business – days we’re closed, changes to opening times, fees, etc.

Annual membership renewals due 6th June

A week later than planned but could members please note that Tuesday 6th June will be the renewals night for membership fees.

Membership for the year is £5 just now.

It would be helpful to Mark’s blood pressure if you could print off the Membership form linked below and have it filled out in advance to help speed things along and get everyone gaming on the night.

If you don’t get the chance to print a form off then we’ll have blank ones available for filling out then and there.

G3 Membership form 2017/2018

Spencer Warner Memorial Game Day 2016


The fifth annual G3 Gaming Day in memory of Spencer, who passed away in 2012, was held yesterday. As well as hosting dozens of gamers and plenty of games, we raised £295 for MacMillan Cancer Support. One of our members, selling miniatures and books that belonged to another late friend, raised an additional £202. Well done, everyone!






There was a D&D session that lasted all day, games of Flames of War, Dropzone Commander, Heavy Gear, Malifaux, Warmachine, X-Wing, a game pitting the French Foreign Legion against Arabs and board games including the brand new edition of Blood Bowl,  Specter Ops, Camel Up, Pandemic Legacy, among others.