G3 at Salute 2017

Usually, “G3 at Salute” means Andy Bussey and I have worn our G3 t-shirts at the show. This year, however, Two upstanding gents were actually running a participation game!

Mike and George were running games of Devil’s Run from Word Forge Games:

(although it appears Mike had run away when I took this photo!)

In my wanderings, I did manage to grab a few more photos:

4Ground had a few tables showing off their various ranges Here are two of them:

Bexley Reapers Wargames Club had an impressive-looking game involving escaped dinosaurs. Now, where have I seen something like that before …

I forgot to find out who was running this, but this table for Wings of Glory WW1 caught my eye:

Warploque had a couple of dragons that rather stand out from the crowd:

This game featured miniatures from Micro Art Studio, and was using the Formula D(iscworld?) rules:

The Random Platypus¬†Forum had their own take on sci-fi “dungeonbashing”, featuring miniatures from Hasslefree:

Oathsworn MIniatures have a range of assorted animals in various adventuring styles, including a couple of hedgehogs:

They’re also going to be releasing some interesting-looking alien types:

The Drowned Earth is a new game (currently on Kickstarter) with a very impressive-looking post-civilisation setting:

Dark Sphere had a very impressive X-Wing game depicting the battle of Scarif:

There was a 17th-century battle between Swedes and Dutch in Delaware (details here):

Crooked Dice had a couple of impressive 7TV demo tables:

As usual, there were a couple of cosplayers in attendance (although the chap on the left in the first picture here may prefer “re-enactor”):


And, as is traditional, a photo of my loot: