Spencer Warner Memorial Day and other news

Claymore has been and gone, and was a very busy , very hectic, very fun day.  We took a much valued and greatly appreciated prize for the demo we were putting on, being pipped at the post by a bigger and better game(better in this case means TANKS!).   We turn up to have fun, so getting any recognition at all is always an amazing and humbling boon.

Spencer Warner Memorial Day

We look forward now to our semi-annual Gaming Day, which will now be annual and shall be henceforth known as the Spencer Warner Memorial Day.  As many of you know, Spencer was our founder and he passed away from illnesses related to Cancer earlier this year.  Our annual gaming day this year will feature a Malifaux event, a Warmachine tournament and several other display and participation games, more details as we get them.


The date will be Saturday the 24th November.


Details are being finalized for this years Skirmish event in Livingston, more details can be found here, its on the 20th of October and will be awesome!





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