Admiral Fawlkes’ Gothic Blog (Part One)

As some of you may have noticed, I’m currently undertaking a large purchase of various Battlefleet Gothic bits and pieces, in an attempt to get some popularity going, in the Club, for one of Games Workshop’s most popular specialist games.

So, I’ve been playing Gothic since about 2003, first getting my paws on the boxed game, and having no idea how to play (As is the way most times). My fleet was always Imperial, and my first one was painted the boring, standard ‘Gothic’ scheme of Green, White and Gold (Never thought I’d paint something those colours!) This fleet eventually included a Retribution Class Battleship, numerous cruisers, Swords and Cobras. But, as is the way, it was sold on to Steve of GW Glasgow and Gothic faded as I picked up other games.

A few years later, however, I picked the game up again, collecting Imperials, liking the new ‘Armada’ expansion and the Fanatic Magazine articles.

The fleet this time became ‘Battlefleet Glasgow’, in reference to the small gaming club I started in Langside College. The colours of red, black and gold being quite a change from the norm. This too was shelved not long after as interest waned again.

A comparison between the old ‘Battlefleet Glasgow’ colours [Left] and the new ‘Un-named Battlefleet’ colours [Right]

In the intermittent times, I would get out my fleet and set them up, admire them, and then put them away, waiting for the time they could get a good run out again. Now may be the time, as a few people have mentioned an interest in Gothic and I have had a game or two since reprising the game for myself.

So, the point of this is to track progress as I work on three fleets; My own Imperial Fleet, an Ork Raider fleet, and an Eldar Pirate fleet. Most will be retroactive looks at models I have assembled and painted for them. But, I’m hoping by the end, I will have a 2,000pt Imperial Battlefleet and two 1,000pt Pirate fleets.

So, ‘All Ahead Full’...

A New Beginning; The Original Fleet

The original fleet (The second one), was recently reinforced by some Dauntless’s I purchased from eBay, but the original fleet was;

  • An Apocalypse Class Battleship
  • An Armageddon Class Battlecruiser
  • A Mars Class Battlecruiser
  • An Overlord Class Battlecruiser
  • Two Gothic Class Cruisers
  • A Lunar Class Cruiser
  • A Tyrant Class Cruiser
  • A Dominator Class Cruiser
  • A Dictator Class Cruiser
  • Four Dauntless Class Light Cruisers with a mix of Lances and Torpedoes
  • An Defiant Class Light Cruiser
  • Nine Sword Class Frigates

The current amount of fully painted models for my own fleet is pitiful, but will increase

2 thoughts on “Admiral Fawlkes’ Gothic Blog (Part One)

  1. I enjoyed reading this, my interest in BFG has been peaked again as well, I like the look of your current fleet, although it will mean changing the colour scheme I had in mind for a chaos fleet as it is similar.

  2. Aye, same here, I plan on getting my BFG ships painted at some point and getting a game or two.