The Green Horde

At Claymore, I managed to blag £50 of Ork BFG blisters for a measly £35. Two Killkroozers, six Onslaught Class Escorts and three Savage Gunships. These have now been painted in a rag-tag assortment of colours. A Kroozer and some Onlaughts being inspired by the ‘Bad Moons’ clan, the Savage Gunships and the other Kroozer in the colours of the ‘Goffs’. The last three were done in a deep green and hopefully I’ll add a Terror Ship to the fleet in the same colours.

The Onslaughts in the ‘Bad Moon’ colours, with one of the Kroozers in the background. The hulls were basecoated Iyanden Darksun, inked with Devlan Mud, before being brushed with a very light drybrush of Golden Yellow. The ‘face’ was painted Knarloc Green, Inked with Thrakka Green and then drybrushed with Goblin Green. It seems the heads of the Onslaughts ended up a deeper green than the Kroozer.

The Kroozer in the ‘Goff’ colours. I’ve still to add ‘dags’ to it, but it looks a lot nicer in the flesh than it does in this picture.

All that needs to be added now is a Terror Ship, and we have ourselves a fleet. Roll on payday.

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