A small rant about the 2010 Update

I would like to start off by saying that the 2010 update is not all bad; The Tau Fleet rules are good for players who want to use Forgeworld Tau, without having to splash out £55 on the ‘Taros Campaign’ book. The main problem I have are the other fleet lists (And a few of the rules updates)

The biggest problem; It’s out-dated. Even though it says that it supersedes all previous FAQ and Errata, it seems to address issues that were either answered in those FAQs, or it changes the ruling which was set out by the writers at the time. A good example of this is the reference to ‘Reload Ordnance’, which hasn’t been in the online rules for a good few years.
Pre-measuring;  It doesn’t break the game if you pre-measure, as shown by 6th Edition 40K. However, it does add a bit of skill to a game such as BFG if you disallow it. I know it says you can agree beforehand to not allow pre-measuring, but that seems to say that the rules standard is it’s allowed. Nothing major, just a little peeve.

Reload Ordnance; The writers must not have got the most recent version of the rules off the GW website. They say to ignore all references to ‘Running out of Ordnance’, which I think was written out of the rules almost five years prior to this update.

The rest of the introduction is really just putting the rules into simple terms for people to understand. Seems fair enough.

Allies, Subjects and Mercenaries: ‘Craftworld Eldar will never ally with Imperials’ I must have misread the background in some of the rulebooks when Imperial and Eldar fleets have come together to combat the Chaos menace. Sure, they may have gone back to being foes a short while after. But, why limit the ability for Eldar to ally with the Imperium when they can ally with Tau no problem? (The enemy of my enemy…)

I could rant all day about this, and if I spent the time, this post could easily be the length of a thesis. So, I’ll cover most bases by saying;

Too many Imperial Classes to accommodate the  various weapons configurations you could have. Some of the ships, like the ‘Viper Class’ are just unnecessary. (An extra 5 points for an additional point of torpedo strength? Why?) Refitting the Endurance class to have an extra turret, and make it five points cheaper? Same change to the Endeavour. Making a Battlecruiser variant of the Tyrant Class? Unneeded. Same goes the the frankly impractical Battlecruiser which combines launch bays and lances.


My advice for this ‘Update’? Avoid it, and I am afraid to say, I’d walk away from the table if someone put out a fleet from ‘Battlefleet Bakka’ using these rules.

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