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Glasgow Games Gathering 2019

Traders attending:

We’ve put links to traders stores/pages in the list if you want more information on an individual trader. Traders - at the moment we are at capacity for pitches at the show. Should you wish to register interest in a pitch should we get a cancellation, please get in touch at
Show location
“We supply beautiful 15mm scale figures and terrain from many manufacturers. We try our best to provide different poses to give your tabletop forces more characters. Our packs are ideal for Roleplaying. Detailed, varied and quick to get ready.”
A range of fantasy, sci-fi and modern age models including sculpts by industry legend Kev Adams!
An outsourcer and re-seller of paintbrushes for model and miniature painters. “Dealing with great companies and sourcing best products, factory seconds and discontinued lines, our aim is to give you incredible value for money!”
“BadCatGames is an indie tabletop game design and publishing studio in Scotland. We specialise in card games, boardgames, tile-laying, puzzle and (in the future possibly) RPG games. Our games are primarily theme driven, offering maximum accessibility, immersion and realism and above all are fun to play by any gamer – whether just a beginner or a seasoned gaming nut.”
Retailer of hobby accessories, great variety of dice of many shapes and sizes. 3D print service available for Hero Forge .STL files as well!
Cap’n Grog-guts Cove of Wonder
Club member moving into trader status officially, carries a rapidly changing line of stock and quite often you’ll find a bargain in there!
Games designer Keith will be on hand to demo and show off his current game project called “Nuts and Bots”, where players compete to build a giant robot using whatever means necessary!
“The worlds leading used figure store for collectors and wargamers; and home to Depot Battalion figure range”
Common Ground Games is a gaming and hobby centre based in Stirling, Central Scotland. The centre includes a wargaming and card game area with 20 full size wargaming tables, as well as 15 card and boardgaming tables, a fully stocked shop and a cafe! You can find them less than a 10 minute walk from Stirling town centre.
DanKow Books
Military history books, specialising in Osprey titles and his own book - “Kolwezi 1978”
David Burns
Independent trader of second hand miniatures
Creators of the “Wreck and Ruin” boardgame. “We have one goal: to make awesome board games! Creating thematic games focused on replayability and depth to rival video games but in a more sociable way.”
“We offer superb 28mm English Civil War, Hundred Years War and American Civil War [ & Napoleonic and Seven Years War periods]; as well as a fabulous 15mm Franco Prussian War Range.”
Designers and manufacturers of laser cut terrain in a range of scales from 6mm to 28mm scale, across a wide variety of themes, most of which are pre- painted for convenience!
Retailer of RPG games and supplements, also has a range of board and card games to select from.
Floating World Designs create images of Warriors, Samurai, Ronin, Actors and Courtesans in the Ukiyo-e style of 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.
“Friendship Models is based in Musselburgh, Scotland. We produce our own range of figures and other kits under the name of Wee Friends. We also stock Legend Productions, S-Model (China) and Armourfast.”
Street Wars is a 28mm miniatures game, created by Funky Skull Games, that involves skirmish battles between street gangs in 1970’s New York City.
“Gaming Figures is a leading UK stockist of Games Workshop, Warlord Games, Plastic Soldier Company and KR Cases. We stock a wide range of box sets and blisters, and offer generous discounts and worldwide delivery.”
An “Aladdins’ cave” of hobby goodness, there’s always a new load of stock in to rummage through and find something you can’t go without and have to have it!
“Gydran Miniatures Studio is a small company that produces primarily 28mm (1:56 scale) miniatures for wargamining and roleplaying, and puppets for stop motion animation. We have over 20 years model making experience and pride ourselves on creating unique and lively characters.”
Stockist of ranges such as 7TV, Games Workshop, Saga, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Dreadball & Ironclad models. Also stocks a range of R/C and model railway products too!
“We are a 3D printed scenery company based in the United Kingdom. We currently have 28mm Ancient, Fantasy, Pirate, Aztec & Modern scatter terrain and 15mm World War II/Modern War terrain. With new products constantly coming out. All of our models are compatible with games such as: Gangs of Rome, Kings of War, Dungeon & Dragons, Lord of the Rings: Battle of Pelennor Fields, Team Yankee, to name a few.”
Manufacturers of foam trays to store & transport models in, and cases/bags to keep the trays in. Many different game lines are supported with specifically shaped foam trays, and the option to customise a loadout of case with the trays you require.
Retailer of Games Workshop products
A commission painting service, however they also manufacture a wide range of historical and modern miniatures, and scenery to go with it!
Creators of the “Microbrew”, “Ore-some” and “Carcosa” board games. “We make board games. We like games that come in small(ish!) boxes packed full of fun stuff to do.”
Founded in 1992, Pendraken are now the largest manufacturer in the 10mm scale with over 3700 products spread across over 200 ranges and more being released every month. Minibits was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing all of those little bits and pieces you need to get your figures on the table. From bases and paints through to decals and terrain, we now stock over 1000 products for the wargames market.
“Red Dice Games is a retail company specialising in the hobby games market, not computer/console games. We provide a range of products through our online store at competitive prices.”
Independent games publisher, with the debate party game “Vote Me!” already released, and further games “Ka-zing” and “Six Gun Showdown” in development.
Sarissa have a huge, very well known and ever growing range of laser cut buildings and accessories for wargamers and model makers including but not excluded to; Buildings, Movement Trays, Bases, Templates, Tokens.
Manufacturers of laser cut terrain from 3mm scale (yes 3mm!) through to 28mm scale. Also available are magnets, bases and gaming tokens/aids.
Historical and modern miniatures specialist, with 20mm & 28mm scale across a wide range of eras. Not only that but also scenery to go with it all!
Warbases stock everything from MDF bases, movement trays and buildings to gaming accessories, acrylic tokens and our own range of figurines. They also offer a custom service for that unique piece you need for your gaming table.
Podcast covering Bolt Action, Gates of Antares & Cruel Seas battle reports. Also now a retailer of products for those games and Rubicon models!
Designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed 28mm miniatures in plastic, metal and resin. Historical and sci-fi products make up the catalogue, with games like Bolt Action, Gates of Antares and Cruel Seas to play!
“We stock a comprehensive variety of board games, graphic novels, collectible card games and gaming supplies, but we also offer free to play board games and a library of science fiction and fantasy novels to help you enjoy your stay at West End Games. From Pokemon cards to Dungeons and Dragons, we are sure that you will be able to find something to suit your taste within our collection, or amongst our growing number of patrons.”
We started Wildcat Models in 2015, and since our first day in business we’ve been bringing the best selection of products and merchandise to our customers. Our name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire Glasgow area. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic items along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit your budget.”
Word Forge Games’ first project, “Devil’s Run: Route 666”, exploded onto the scene in 2015. They have a pipeline of games in various stages of production or launch. In 2016 they also launched “CheekZ” a poker-esque Hamster battle game of double entendre, bluffing and skill.